About Us

Daken Locks

Daken Locks team is made of qualified professionals highly specialized in the field of van locks.

Backed by Daken expertise and know-how and thanks to our consolidated experience, we are now able to focus on this sector with a fully dedicated technical team, in order to offer safe, high-quality and reliable products.

Main objective is to offer the market increasingly customer-oriented security solutions that meet the needs and requirements of the customers

Made in Italy

The team is involved from the earliest stages of product planning, conception and design, through prototyping and testing, up to production and assembly of the product itself.

Therefore, every aspect of the product is guided by our industry experts, turning them into reliable partners you can rely on for the safety and protection of your cargo.

Our network of Distributors and Outfitters

Our network of Distributors and Outfitters expands internationally. Contact us for more information.

Do you have a question about our products?

Contact our Product and Distribution Department directly and send your request.